State of Influence

Benchmark of top games and key gaming trends among 14K+ influential gamers

Explore which games and gaming trends were top of mind among influencers in 2018; and how influential female gamers reach audiences beyond the gaming industry. Discover where your brand stands against competition and learn how you can use these types of insights to optimize influencer discovery, compensation and measurement by using Traackr.

While Fortnite won the hearts of gamers in 2018, The Division 2 is the most anticipated game of 2019.”

Compiled using Traackr’s influencer analytics, the report contains:  

  • Insights into the top gaming trends of 2018
  • Benchmarks of gaming equipment providers
  • Most awaited games of 2019
  • Gamer’s fuel: food and beverage benchmarks
  • Spotlight on female gamers as gateway to other industries