Global Influencer Marketing: Insights from Beauty

Seven top priorities for consumer brand executives

As influencer marketing matures and global organizations seek to scale programs, Traackr and Talk PR combined forces to author an unprecedented analysis of the impact of influencers on the beauty sector to help organizations explore what’s next for their influencer programs.

The major question is not should we be doing influencer marketing? But rather, how do we scale our program?”

The report brings together new data, based on the content produced by 1,000 global beauty influencers over the last two years and in-depth interviews with brand, agency and influencer leaders to provide global organizations from all industries with insights to guide their strategies in the coming years. 

Included in the report: 

  • The 36 most engaging posts mentioning cosmetics brands in 2017
  • Growth trends for 17 of the top independent beauty brands
  • Analysis of #ad performance & examples of successful & unsuccessful paid endorsements
  • Input from experienced influencer marketers from Sephora, L’Oréal and Ardell & more 
  • A framework for measuring results & tying influencer marketing to business results
  • A discussion on scaling influencer marketing across brands, departments & geographies